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We are currently offering in-person services that are also streamed for online viewing. Below you will find links to our services online, and some other online resources available to you and your family.

In-Person Worship Services of Middletown SDA Church

We are conducting in-person worship at Middletown SDA Church with no capacity restrictions. Some safety recommendations are in still in place to protect the well-being of all who attend. Please see here for details.


Online Worship Services of Middletown SDA Church

Enjoy our service online as we do our part and #StayHome.

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Online Giving

Online Giving Portal

The world needs to hear about Gods love more than ever, and your support of the ministries of the Middletown SDA Church and the SDA Church as a whole through donations to Tithe and Local Church Budget will help ensure we can continue ministries, even when they can't be in person. Since we can't pass the plate on Sabbath, you can still return back to God his offerings through the Online Giving portal.

  • Adult Sabbath School Resources

Online Quarterlies

Join our Adult Sabbath School discussion in person this Sabbath at 9:30 AM.

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Children's Sabbath School Resources

Mrs. Rhonda has put together a list of tools for Beginners, Kindergarten, and Primary.

Kid Club for Jesus  Gracelink  The Bible Project  Your Story Hour  Pioneer Memorial  NAD Children's Ministries Facebook  Growing Together Sabbath School  More

Join our Private Church Facebook Group

This group was created for the Family (Members and Regular Attendees) of the Middletown SDA Church to be able to communicate and share with each other. We can seek prayers, share good news, or just stay connected while we are not together. 

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Tips for Staying Healthy through this Pandemic

Our local Middletown SDA Church Pandemic Advisory Committee has compiled the following tips for staying healthy. We pray that these tips will help our church family to weather this storm. 

Physical wellness

Stay healthy at home as much as possible. Refrain and evaluate your going out.

Take care of your body. The Seventh-day Adventist church’s health message gives us a significant advantage over the rest of the population. Exercise 20-30 minutes each day, get at least 10-15 minutes daily of sunshine and fresh air, 6-8 hours of sleep, drink at least 8 cups of water, and be sure to eat healthfully.

Boost your immune system. There have been studies that show better recovery results for COVID patients that are given Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. Taking these vitamins in the recommended daily doses has been shown to help improve one’s immune system to better fight COVID if infected. If you aren’t already doing so, talk with your doctor about these supplements and your medical condition/medications, and consider starting a daily vitamin routine that includes these three immune-boosters.

Exercise good mask utilization habits. Check out this PDF of with helpful graphics on how to use a mask properly and prevent the spread of germs. 

Mask Safety

Mental wellness

Taking care of your body helps mental health. When you eat healthfully, exercise and sleep as recommended above, it helps not just your body but also your mind. God wants us to have clear, healthy minds. Our prefrontal cortex, the place in our brain where decisions are made, can be clouded by lack of sleep, and/or consuming food items that contain refined sugar or mood-altering agents.

Do something that you enjoy: handcrafting, singing, cooking, playing, etc. The idea is to participate in some activity that takes your mind from the cares and worries of your life to something where you use the creative part of your brain. It reduces stress, relaxes your body and fortifies your mind.

Watch and listen to inspiring media! For as much as possible and as safe as possible fast from secular media and secular news. What we put in our bodies, besides food, via sound and eyesight determines the state of our mind. Do you want to feel joy and peace? Listen and watch something that fills you with joy and peace.

Spiritual Wellness

Stay connected with heaven by reading the Bible and praying; Do one of the following: read a psalm per day or read one chapter from Proverbs per day or simply follow your Bible reading plan. Take time to surrender to God in prayer in the morning. Have a prayer partner and pray as often as possible together; sharing prayer requests makes you feel spiritually connected with one another and with God.

Memorize a bible verse, then meditate on it for as long as your schedule allows. Studies show that participating in a daily Christian devotional and Christian meditation will speed up the healing process in case you get sick.

Claim a bible promise each day! The bible is full of wonderful promises. Thousands of them. Start with those that fit your situation. Claim those promises in your prayers and in your meditations. It will build your faith and your trust in God. Having trust in God has also proven to increase your chance of fighting any disease.

Commonwealth of KY Updates

We encourage you to stay up-to-date about the virus and proper prevention measures by visiting: