Watch series of studies through the church.

No Limits: A Life of Power

Do you need a fresh encounter with God? Are you ready for Him to pour out His grace and power into your life? No Limits: A Life of Power is a revival series for every Christian to start the new year right. “Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for His children” (Education, p. 18). God’s plan for you is not to have a meaningless life. He wants you to enjoy power-filled living now! Join Pastor John Bradshaw for this online event as he shares practical Bible messages to help you experience a spiritual revival in your heart, home, and church.

The Prophetic Voice: God's Voice

As we systematically study God’s Word and share it with others, lives are changed. When God’s truths are explained logically from the Bible, it brings clarity to difficult topics. Hope is restored as we hear God's Voice in His Word.