The Prophetic Voice: God's Voice

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Middletown SDA Chuch is holding a Bible seminar entitled “The Prophetic Voice” that specifically focuses on Bible prophecy, allowing the Bible to interpret itself.

If you have always wanted to understand the prophecies, you won’t want to miss this special series of meetings.  When you hear these presentations, you will agree with people of all faiths who have commented, “Bible prophecies come alive on the screen!” or “I have never seen the prophecies of the Bible so clearly explained.”  This is a unique opportunity and we wanted to invite you to benefit from it. 

In our opening weekend, September 27th - 29th, we will look at the Great Controversy between good and evil: its beginnings and God’s intervention

The following weekend we will learn about the Great Controversy between good and evil: its last day form and focus

Future weekends will cover topics related to this controversy between good and evil, where we live our lives. We will study, “The Matter of Worship and its End”, “The Matter of Life and Death” “God’s Last Day People” and “The Hope of No More Controversy”.   All these topics will be studied from the standpoint of Bible Prophecy.

This series of meetings begins this Friday, September 27th at 7:15 p.m. and continues for five weekends, concluding with the last meeting on October 26th.  Bible study meetings open on Friday nights at 7:15 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday nights at 6:15 pm. For your convenience, a free children’s program is provided for ages 4 – 10.

May God bless you as you listen to His Voice! 

If you can't attend in person but would like to watch online, we will be streaming each event live through our YouTube channel. 

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free... if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed." -John 8:32, 36


  • September 27, 7:15 PM - A Voice for Choice
  • September 28, 6:15 PM - God's Voice for a Change
  • September 28, 7:15 PM - God Speaks Fact not Fiction
  • September 29, 6:15 PM - With The Voice of an Archangel
  • September 29, 7:15 PM - A Word of Promise
  • October 4, 7:15 PM - A Voice in the Wilderness
  • October 5, 6:15 PM - God Speaks Fact, Not Fiction Part 2
  • October 5, 7:15 PM - The Voice of Antichrist
  • October 6, 6:15 PM - God Speaks Peace
  • October 6, 7:15 PM - God’s Last Will and Testament
  • October 11, 7:15 PM - When God Said Remember
  • October 12, 11:30 AM - Thou Shalt Not Kill
  • October 12, 6:15 PM - A Way that Seems Right
  • October 12, 7:15 PM - When God Identifies the Mark
  • October 13, 6:15 PM - Looks Like a Lamb, Speaks Like a Dragon
  • October 13, 7:15 PM - A Loud Voice - Judgement has Come
  • October 18, 7:15 PM - God’s Truth About Death
  • October 19, 11:30 AM - When All Will Hear His Voice
  • October 19, 6:15 PM - When God Finally Says, Enough!
  • October 19, 7:15 PM - I Have Set Before You Life
  • October 20, 6:15 PM - Two Women, and A Revelation?
  • October 20, 7:15 PM - The Testimony of Jesus!
  • October 25, 7:15 PM - He Who Has an Ear, Let Him Hear!
  • October 26, 11:30 AM - To Him Who Overcomes, God Says, “Enter In!”